You can’t do it all! The key to making the most of your time.

In today’s real estate profession there are infinite responsibilities to keep up with. From the world of online prospecting and lead management to complicated short sale contract negotiations and financing road blocks, how is an Agent supposed to keep up with it all? At BoomTown, we’ve had the privilege of hearing from the top real estate coaches in today’s industry and one common variable keeps coming up. “You can’t do it all yourself!” Delegate the time consuming pieces and focus on growing a savvy team. You’ll regain your sanity and sell more real estate in the process.

Bob Corcoran with Corcoran Consulting & Coaching works with many of BoomTown’s most successful clients. He advises his Agents to consider hiring a real estate Virtual Assistant (VA) to manage time-consuming tasks, which ultimately frees up time for the Agent to work on selling real estate. A Virtual Assistant can provide support from any location (on-site or off-site) and handles focused, often repetitive, tasks electronically.

Bob recently shared his Top 10 Ways to Use a Real Estate Virtual Assistant:

1. General Agent Support – general correspondence, mail, email, bills, and reminders.
2. Agent Field Support – scheduling appointments and showings, replenishing property flyers, etc.
3. Creating and maintaining online meetings for team interaction – taking notes at team meetings, creating agendas and presentations, etc.
4. Coordinating feedback from showings – gathering and distributing reports to agents and contacting sellers with feedback suggestions
5. Database creation, maintenance and lead generation – managing email marketing and handling initial online lead follow-up (This is a huge help in managing the volume of leads from the BoomTown system.)
6. Website maintenance – handling online listing enhancements, uploading photos, virtual tours, general videos, etc.
7. Marketing mail outs/emails – producing flyers, brochures, just listed/sold cards, Comparative Market Analysis reports, etc.
8. Creating online multimedia – coordinating Web commercials, virtual tours, listing presentations, CD tours and presentations
9. Acting as a Listing Coordinator – performing support duties from listing to contract
10. Acting as a Transaction Coordinator – performing support duties from contract to closing

Think of how much time you would free up for “dollar productive” activities if you had someone handling any one of the items on the list above!

So you may be thinking, how do I actually go about finding a great Virtual Assistant? Many of BoomTown’s clients are using My Out Desk Virtual Assistants. The VA’s with My Out Desk are very familiar with online lead follow-up and management. Bob Corcoran also provides insightful tips on how to hire a VA in his article, “Virtual Assistants and the Power of E-Productivity“. It is important to remember that with any new hire, coaching and managing an addition to your team is imperative.

To learn more about Bob Corcoran and Corcoran Consulting & Coaching, visit and join Bob’s team for their upcoming events. Bob is a recognized leader and speaker in organizational effectiveness and real estate management. His team specializes in helping Agents and Brokers set up and implement efficient business systems and coaches his clients on how to think and act like business owners.

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